John and Beth's Wish List 2005

Special Requests: John and Beth
Tupperware Soup Mugs Lunch containers for work
Pendleton Blanket - Awakening  
Special Requests: John Special Requests: Beth
Neil Diamond new CD - 12 Songs Anne of Green Gables DVD
2nd season of Arrested Development DVD Peggy Karr glass plates - Nutcracker, Santa, Snowman, St. Nick, Eggs, Under the Sea, Metro Tray, Cocktails Tray
Wool dress coat The Kite Runner
Pickin' on Green Day CD Marley and Me
Print of Cincinnati or Madison Reusable Advent calendar
Coffee Beans New lunch bag
Leather business card carry case Decorations for any holiday
Shoe Shine Kit Christmas decorations


Item John Beth


L M or L
Shirts/Blouses 16 x 32 10
Pants/Slacks 36 x 32 8
Shoes/Slippers 11.5 to 12 9
Coats/Jackets L M or L (?)
Sleepwear/Lingerie L M


Item John Beth
Toothpaste Arm and Hammer Crest Sensitivity (not whitening)
Shampoo/Conditioner Something for dandruff Red Head, Rusk, PureOlogy
Deodorant Any Mitchum clear gel (powder scent)
Hair Spray/Gel Pomade-Crew Rusk-Thick or PureOlogy Blow Dry Amplifier, or Bead Head-Shine Junkie
Shaving Cream/Lotion Kiss My Face mint Sensitive skin - any brand
Razors/Blades Schick Quattro Schick Quattro - women
Perfume/After shave   Borhese Natural Spa Perfume
Body Lotion/Cream Anything scentless Lubriderm, Curel, Aveeno, Kiss My Face (unscented or light scent)
Bath Wash   Citrus or herbal scents
Pain Reliever Walbuprofen Ibuprofen, Pepcid
Movie DVDs Arrested Development Season Anne of Green Gables, Sound of Music, Billy Elliott
Music CDs Pickin' on Green Day, Movin' Out Blues/Big Band, World Music
Books Comedy, nature, history Jodi Picoult, Nicholas Sparks
Calendars Hawaii Nature, travel, art, Hawaii