Carl and Edith's Wish List 2005

Special Requests: Carl and Edith
Le Crueset Roasting Pan Eight Christmas Mugs
  Four Christmas Plates
Special Requests: Carl Special Requests: Edith
DVD+ or DVD-  good brand, e.g. Memorex Standard sized down pillow - just 1
LL Bean Polo Shirt Double L Polo w pocket  XL  Camp Green, Village Red (keep receipt) Navy Fleece Jacket - XL
  Medium weight or heavy cardigan Sweater - any color, XL
  Land's End Sleep T - Long sleeve, XL, any color
  Land's End Fleece Socks - small, any dark color


Item Carl Edith


Shirts/Blouses XL (18X35) 16
Pants/Slacks 40X30 depending, sometimes 42X30 18 Tall - Elastic waist, at least part
Shoes/Slippers 12 5E 8W
Coats/Jackets XL (maybe Long maybe not) 16 or XL
Sleepwear/Lingerie Don't wear any! XL


Toothpaste Crest - whitening, clean mint Crest - any gel
Shampoo/Conditioner Head and Shoulders 2 in 1 Pantene 2 in 1 - Color Revival
Deodorant Fresh Right Guard Sport Antiperspirant Secret Soft Solid Antiperspirant - Powder Fresh
Hair Spray/Gel None (ha-ha) Pantene Volumizing Hairspray - Flexible Hold
Suave Volumizing Mousse - Max Hold
Shaving Cream/Lotion Edge Advanced Skin Conditioning with Lanolin Any for ladies
Perfume/After shave None None
Body Lotion/Cream    
Bath Wash Any - Moisturizing Any - Moisturizing
Pain Reliever Tylenol Extra Strength Advil
Movie DVDs The Original Christmas Television Classics Polar Express - I like full screen
Music CDs Christmas With the Rat Pack Essential Johnny Cash or other Johnny Cash collection
Books Weight Watchers New Complete Cookbook - to be released in January Cincinnati: The World War II Years
Calendars Already have one from Price Hill Already have one from Price Hill