Mrs. Heilmann's Tech Tips
Microsoft Word

To Insert a Watermark Behind Your Text

1.  Add a picture to your document by choosing Picture from the Insert menu on the top tool bar.  Choose Clip Art or File.  Add picture anywhere in your document.
2.  Select the picture on your document by clicking on it.  "Handles" will appear on each corner of the picture. 
3.  With the picture selected, choose Picture from the Format menu on the  top  tool bar.  A new dialogue box will open.  First choose on the Picture tab (under image color) Watermark.  Then on the Layout tab choose Behind Text.
4.  If you want the picture to cover the entire page, resize by using the corner handles.  Your picture will lose its proper proportions if you pull on the side handles.  Pull on the corners until the picture covers most or all of your page.

To Add Borders to a Word Document

1.  Open a blank Word document.

2.  Select Page Setup from the File menu.  Then select the page orientation you would like to use for your document.  Vertical is called Portrait and Horizontal is called Landscape.

3.  Select Borders and Shading from the Format menu.  Click the Page Border tab across the top of the window.

4.  From the Art section at the bottom, select the type of border that fits the theme of your document.  You can make the border larger or smaller by changing the width size.  Also you can change the color of a single-colored border from the Color area.