Mrs. Heilmann's Internet Guide:
Social Studies

American History

Native Americans Vikings Colonies
Revolution Constitution The New Nation
The War of 1812 Lewis and Clark Pioneers
The American West The United State Grows Slavery
Civil War Reconstruction Industrialization
Urbanization World War I The Roaring Twenties
The Great Depression World War II The Cold War

World Cultures

eMuseum - Minnesota State University

Snaith Primary School

Early Man Fertile Crescent Ancient Egypt
Ancient India Ancient China Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome Byzantium Islam
Medieval Africa Medieval Americas Medieval Asia
  Middle Ages Renaissance
Reformation Exploration  
  Age of Revolution World War I
World War II Korea Vietnam
Gulf War Middle Fall of Communism
9/11 and the War on Terror


Geography Review Games - Both USA and World
There are many different games - with different levels - on each of the sites listed on this page.

Basic Map and Globe Skills Five Themes of Geography
Geography of Africa Geography of Antarctica
Geography of Asia Geography of Australia
Geography of Central and South America Geography of North America
Geography of Ohio Oceans and Continents
Quick Maps Africa


ATF Kids Page

Ben's Guide to U. S. Government for Kids

Census Bureau Fact Finder for Kids CIA's Homepage for Kids
Congress for Kids Delhi Township
Department of Agriculture for Kids Department of State for Youth

FCC Kids Zone

House of Representatives

Kids in the House Law-4-Kids
Learning Booth - Vote Utah Patent and Trademark Office
Senate Smithsonian for Kids
Social Security Kids Stuff State Websites for Kids
Supreme Court Take Your Kids to Vote

Understanding Taxes

Veterans' Administration for Kids

The White House White House for Kids

Other Topics

Best of History Web Sites Biography Cincinnati
Current Events Important Americans Landmarks of the USA
National Parks Ohio Presidents
States and Capitals   Symbols of the USA