Mrs. Heilmann:  Technology
Lab Lessons


Thanksgiving ABC Thanksgiving ABC Worksheet
Important Thing About Thanksgiving Important Thing Worksheet
Prayer of Thanksgiving Prayer of Thanksgiving Worksheet
Thanksgiving Song of Thanks Thanksgiving Song of Thanks Worksheet
First Thanksgiving Menu First Thanksgiving Food List
Our Thanksgiving Menu Our Thanksgiving Menu Worksheet

Best Presents - Draft Form

Best Presents PPT Sample

Resolutions Form - Intermediate

Resolutions Intermediate Sample

Resolutions Form - Primary

Resolutions Primary Sample

Language Arts

All About Me



Mathematician Biography Research Sheet

Mathematician Biography Poster


Advent Web Hunt

Advent Web Hunt Answer Sheet

Blessing of a Christmas Tree Sample Blessing of a Nativity Set Sample
My First Communion My First Communion Question Sheet
Prayer for Lighting Advent Wreath Sample Saint Patrick Sample

Science and Health

Australian Animals


Social Studies

Civil War Sites Civil War Battle Research Sheet
Civil War PowerPoint Directions Decisive Battles of the Civil War List
My Governments My Governments Info Sheet
Mythology Worksheet Mythology Poster
Mythology Poster Blank  
Ohio Brochure Ohio Facts Research Sheet
Ohio Presidents - Grade 4 Ohio Presidents Sample
Ohio's State Symbols Ohio's State Symbols Worksheet
Ohio Symbols Blank Table Ohio Symbols Table
Presidents - Grade 3 The President's Cabinet
Presidents of Mt. Rushmore - Grade 5 Remembering Three Presidents - Grade 2
Remembering Those Who Served - Grade 6 Symbols of America - Grade 1
Year in Review 2003 - List Year in Review 2003 - Sample


Prayer to Begin Computer Class

St. Isidore