Mrs. Heilmann:  Technology
Getting Started

Here are some starting places that I discovered when I was first learning to use technology.  First is a list of some software programs that I could not live without ,and then there is a list of some Internet sites that are easy to use and are very useful to classroom teachers.

Simple But Indispensable Software Products

BingoMaker - BingoMaker creates bingo cards in many formats. You can make traditional bingo cards, or use your own topics in place of numbers.  In the classroom environment, this provides a fun and easy way for students to learn any subject.  Simply enter a list of words, and BingoMaker will print a card for each player.  Call Cards can also be printed for calling out the answers in a scrambled sequence.  The programs costs about $25 and can be downloaded from the Internet for immediate use.  Site licenses are also available.

Print Shop
- Print Shop was the first software product I learned to use, and it is probably the one I still use most often.  I make signs, banners, and cards the most.  There are other programs similar to Print Shop, but I have stuck with Print Shop from version 2 through version 12.  Print Shop is published by Broderbund and can be purchased in a computer store or on line for about $50.  Broderbund also publishes PrintMaster.

Worksheet Factory - The Worksheet factory is an online company that offers programs that can create worksheets in a variety of formats in an instant.  The programs are inexpensive (only $25 for a single user and $70-$130 for a site license), downloadable so you have them immediately on your computer, and include Math, Vocabulary, and Maps.  Check Schoolhouse Technology online for more details.

Useful Internet Sites for Teachers

Blue Mountain - This was my favorite greeting card site when it was free, but now a membership costs about $12 a year.  There are still some free cards available at this site

Hallmark Cards
- This is my new favorite card site.  However, it does come with a lot of advertising for Hallmark!

The Mailbox Companion
- This site is for members only, but a membership is free if you have a subscription to The Mailbox Magazine.  It has printable pages from each issues and additional features and extenders that are not in the magazine.  The seasonal and holiday pages are great for clip art.  A subscription to one of the magazines (preschool, kindergarten, primary, or intermediate) is about $30 a year. You can then register with a number on the address label on your magazine to get your own login name and password.

Puzzlemaker - This site allows you to make puzzles in an instant with any list of words.  Your choices include Fallen Phrases, Letter Tiles, Cryptograms, Double Puzzle, Math Square, Number Block, Criss-Cross Puzzle, Hidden Message, Word Search, Mazes, and Mazed Things.  Each puzzle type is very easy to use.  Just enter your own information in each of the boxes and then click Create A Printable Version.  You can also save the puzzles you have created online or purchase this program on CD