Mrs. Heilmann's Internet Guide:
Early Man

Cave Paintings

Cave Art
A Follow Up to Maroo of the Winter Caves

The Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc

The Cave of Lascaux

Cave Painting Activity
Copy and paste the background you like into Microsoft Paint and then draw your own cave painting. Microsoft Paint is found under Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint

Cave Paintings and Sculptures
Be sure to look at the human faces on page 2 and the table of different versions of the same animal on page 3.

Cave Paintings of India

The Ice Age Art
Scroll down the thumbnails on the left side of the page until you get to Cave Art. You can click under each picture to see a larger image.

Palaeo Art Gallery

A Virtual Tour of Cave Painting

Ice Man of the Alps

Dr. Dig: Otzi the Ice Man

Dr. Dig: Otzi the Ice Man II

The Iceman's Last Meal

The Man in the Ice

Otzi: The 5,300 Year Old Ice Man of the Alps

Otzi: The Ice Man of the Alps

What Did We Learn from the Ice Man?

Who Killed the Ice Man?
Lesson plan for teachers - Otzi and Juanita

The Stone Age

Flints and Stones

Stone Age People

Stone Age Timelines