Mrs. Heilmann's Internet Guide:
Body Systems

Human Body Adventure
Cool introduction and brief overview of body systems.

Circulatory System


Muscular System

Activity: Types of Muscle Tissues Table
Use the sites on this page to fill out the Types of Muscles Worksheet. Then use the information on the worksheet to make a table describing the three different types of muscles. Use the photos or pictures sites to find graphics for your table.

Three Types of Muscles Worksheet

Sample of Completed Table

Bundles of Energy: The Muscular System
Simple description with diagram.

Human Anatomy Online: Muscular System

The Muscular System

Photos of Tissues of the Human Body

Pictures of Muscle Tissues

Your Cool and Gross Body - Muscular System
From The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

Your Multitalented Muscles
From Kids' Health for Kids

Your Muscular System

Nervous System


Respiratory System

Activity: Parts of the Respiratory System Table
Practice your copying and pasting skills by using information from the Hillendale Elementary School Web site to make a table with descriptions of parts of the respiratory system. Include diagrams from the site on the second page of this activity.

Parts of the Respiratory System: Student Sheets (PDF)

Parts of the Respiratory System: Finished Sheets (PDF)

The Air Bags
Simple description with diagram

Anatomy of the Respiratory System

Hillendale Health: The Respiratory System

Inside the Human Body: The Respiratory System

Looking at Your Lungs
From Kids' Health for Kids

The Lung Association of Saskatchewan: Kids Area

Oxygen Delivery System
From the Franklin Institute

Professair's Mad Lab Games

Respiratory System
From Wikipedia

The Respiratory System
From A Look Inside the Human Body Web site

Your Respiratory System
From The Yuckiest Site on the Internet


Skeletal System

Activity: Web Hunt on the Skeletal System

Click on this Web site (The Skeletal System) to find an Internet hunt about the skeletal system, created by Kathi Mitchell.

Skeletal System Web Hunt Answer Sheet

Big Story on Bones

The Bone Box

The Bone Zone
Simple description with diagram

Bones Games
From the Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The Facts About Broken Bones

Human Anatomy Online: Skeletal System

Human Skeleton Online Quiz

Mr. Bones

Skeletal System

Skeletal System: Photographs

Skeleton Diagram

Skeleton Game

Virtual Body: Skeleton

Your Cool and Gross Body - Skeletal System