For this project, you will be learning more about yourself while you are learning how to use the Internet.  You will use the information you gather from the web sites to make a short PowerPoint presentation to share with the rest of the class.  Be sure you know how to work with two windows and how to go back and forth between the two windows before you begin.

Slide 1 –
All About Me!
Learning About Me and the Internet – At the Same Time!
By (Your Name)

Slide 2 – The Day I Was Born

Find your birthday.  Make a list of important events that happened in the world on the day you were born. Be sure to include the year.

Slide 3 – My Birthday Twins

Find your birthday.  Make a list of people who were born on the same day you were.  Be sure to include the year they were born.

Slide 4 – If I Were Chinese . . .

Find the year you were born.  Copy your animal to your slide.  Then click on the animal and read the qualities for people born in those years.  Write some traits you feel fit you (or don’t fit you!) on the other side of the slide.

Slide 5 – What’s In a Name?

Find your first name.  Write what your name means on one side of the slide.  Write your first name in WordArt on the other side of the slide.

Slide 6 – My Stars!

Use the Search box at the top of the page to find a site for you favorite film, music, or sport star.  On one side of the slide, write some interesting things you learn about your star.  On the other side put a picture.

Slide 7 – What A Trip!

Pick someplace in the continental United States you would like to visit.  You will be driving, so use MapQuest to find the round trip mileage and driving time.  Put this information on one side of the slide.