Mrs. Heilmann's Internet Guide:
Grade 1


Simple Machines 1

Simple Machines 2


Buy It With the Little Farmer
Cash Out
Counting Money
Discovering Coin Values
Exact Change Please
Money Desk
Money Program
Piggy Bank


A Matter of Time
Bang on Time
Clock Wise
Matching Time
Reading Clocks
30 minute increments
15 minute increments
5 minute increments
Smiley Clock
Telling Time

The Human Body

All Systems Go - Arnold!

Body Book
Bones of the Human Body
Get Body Smart
How the Human Body Works
Mr. Bones
Skeleton Shakedown

States of Matter

Solids and Liquids - BBC

Gases Around Us - BBC
Changing State - BBC
Gases, Liquids, and Solids - BBC
Change It - FossWeb


Colgate Kids' World
Smiles Songbook
Teeth and Eating - BBC
Mouth Power Online
Dr. Rabbit and the Legend of Tooth Kingdom
Lemony Lion and Dental Health
Nothing But the Tooth
Tooth Fairy Opposites and  Tooth Fairy Synonyms
Tooth Chart

For Students


Continents 2

Continents Memory Game
From National Geographic

Continent game from National Geographic


My Pyramid

My Pyramid for Kids



For Teachers

Mrs. Golubic's First Grade Class

Mrs. McGowan's First Grade

Ms. Ross's First Grade Class