Getting Ready for Jesus

Answers these questions about Advent on the  answer sheet for this activity.

1.  When are the twelve days of Christmas?

2.  Look at all the days in Advent until the current day on the Advent 2007 calendar.  Which picture do you like best?  List the date and briefly describe the picture.

3.  Look at another Advent Calendar and click on today's date.  What country is featured today?  Write one tradition from that country.

4.  What does the word Advent mean, when does it begin, how long does it last, and what is the color of this season?

5.  Briefly describe an Advent Wreath.

6.  The O Antiphons are used during the week before Christmas.  These prayers are based on different names for Jesus and are used in the song "O Come, O Come Emmanuel."  List any three names of Jesus used in the O Antiphons and give the date for each name.

7.  Look on the Advent-Christmas Calendar to find the peacemaking idea for today.  Write in on this paper.

8.  What is a Jesse Tree?  What day of Advent is today?  What is the symbol for today on some Jesse Trees?

9.  Describe the French custom of Preparing the Manger for Christmas.

10.  Was St. Nicholas real?